These past few months we’ve been blessed, encouraged , and challenged by our small group. We’re currently doing the Weird series by Craig Groeschel who is the pastor of Life Church. This past week our segment was over being Blessed with a Burden. And wow…God is working in our lives yet again showing us we’re right where He wants us. Thank you, God how you are working through our lives..I love how you reassure this heart of mine. In his message he asks 3 questions:
What is it that breaks your heart?

What is it that makes you angry? – Righteous kind of anger?
What do you care about that other people don’t care about?
The challenge:
Let your burden ruin you-let it mess you up! You can’t ignore it, you have to embrace it. Read about it and study about it. Be prepared to be awake at 2am praying about it.
Take action

They really have challenged me personally and I encourage you to watch this message…
I don’t know why God has placed this burden on our hearts to the point of ruining us, but I’m so thankful He has entrusted us to do something about the orphan crisis. We’re not perfect people- believe me we are humans. I feel like God could have chosen a couple more equipped- a couple who has it all together. But He has chosen us and I am so glad He has. We know this journey is going to be long, hard, heart wrenching, and scary, but as we pass each milestone or we fall back down the cliff we’re going to be giving all the praise to God. We know He is faithful, and wherever this adoption journey takes us we’re along for this glorious ride He’s taking us on.
Why are we adopting internationally and not domestically? Well, when God places something so deeply on your heart you don’t have much of a choice  I don’t want to step on any toes when saying this, but we feel like the need in the DRC is so much greater than here in the US. We know there are so many sweet, orphaned children here in the US that deserves a mommy and daddy but there is a system that-to the best of their ability- they are placed with foster parents given food, clothing, and shelter. When a child is orphaned in the DRC there is no system that protects them. If they’re lucky enough to go to an orphanage they will normally receive one good meal a day and be given whatever scraps are left to wear. They may or may not receive an education. I stumbled upon a statistic yesterday that stated that 515 out of every 1000 children under the age of 5 will die because of lack of basic nutrition. It breaks my heart knowing that my little Aiden or Naomi could be one of these children that are so deserving of all the love and care in the world and so, so special. It doesn’t matter what it takes to save just one of these sweet little orphans we’ll do what it takes. Wouldn’t you do anything to save one of your own children?

We’re currently working on getting our Yard sale ready for this weekend Saturday 18th 😉 if you want to show up and buy all of our stuff. We have tons of baby cloths, baby items- baby swing, bouncer seat, moby wrap, sling, toys. Dvds,rockband 2, singstar for ps3. Exercise bike, scrubs, clothes, all the stuff we no longer need. The money we raise from our sale is going straight to our adoption fund. Every single penny we can save is going straight to our fund  Feel free to stop by!
Praying God “ruins” you in the best sort of way!


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I am a wife to a super, wonderful husband, a mother to two beautiful children, and a child of Christ. I am a stay at home mother two a 2 year old son and a nearly 4 month old is never boring around here!

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  1. love this post. love your heart. i’m excited for all that God is doing in your family, and so glad to be doing life alongside you.

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