This time last week we were looking forward to a phone call from our #1 agency letting us know if they could allow us into their pilot progrom or not. We got the call Monday evening and were told they were unable to allow us into the program at this time due to the time it’s taking to get referrals. I ‘m relieved to know they aren’t allowing everyone into the program only to have a ridiculously long wait for a referral, but I was hoping we would be accepted in just to feel like we’re making progress. We’re still hoping to go with this agency but they are still in the pilot stage which can be a long, unnerving road. I feel confident that they’ll get the kinks figured out and be up and running at some point, but until then we feel we’ve found the right “fit” and we’re just waiting for them to open back up Please be praying they make the right contacts in the DRC so the program runs smoothly for the first families traveling to pick up their kiddos soon!!

After our news we decided to interviewed two other agencies, and though they seemed wonderful, amazing, and came with some pretty rave reviews, we’re still feeling like the other agency is the right one for us. I keep reminding myself that time isn’t our enemy at this point…we still have a lot of money to save and raise. Please be praying for wisdom as we seek ways to fund our adoption. We’re looking into a few fundraisers and I just completed our storefront at Just love coffee. Check it out! I’ve heard great things about their coffee, and if you love coffee why not go ahead and be our first customer 😉 Part of your purchase will go straight to our adoption fund, and it gets delivered right to your door…no crowds to fight at Walmart! As we were filling out some of the information they were asking about our family and the reasons we’re seeking certain fundraisers we stated …After 4 years of marriage and two sweet blessings we feel God is leading our family to adopt from the DRC. Every purchase made will bring us one step closer to becoming a family of 5.!…Jon looked at me and said wow, a family of 5! Now I’m thinking, wow, a family of 5! I love how God is shaping our family into this 5 we will one day become. I love it! I love how God is already preparing our hearts and minds for what He is about to do. What a sweet, sweet Savior we serve!
We’ve begun talking to Aiden about one day having another brother or sister. When we ask if he’d like to have a brother or sister he will generally say a sister. But when I ask if he’d rather have another Nae-nae (that’s what we call Naomi) or an Ethan he always says Ethan. We’re not going to request a certain gender when the time comes, but we have heard that a large majority of families request girls so Aiden may be getting bunk beds to share with little brother after all! Jon and I had bunk beds as well as Sam on our trip to Glen Arbor…ever since Aiden has been requesting bunk beds 🙂


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I am a wife to a super, wonderful husband, a mother to two beautiful children, and a child of Christ. I am a stay at home mother two a 2 year old son and a nearly 4 month old is never boring around here!

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