This past Sunday Jon and I were asked to share our adoption story for Orphan Sunday. Jon waited a few days before he asked my opinion on the matter. My first thoughts were, “totally! Let’s do this!” As the week went on I struggled with the news that my Dad’s MRI came back showing 7 spots in his frontal lobe. My mind couldn’t grasp this news…and my heart is still trying to process what this all means. On Friday I began praying for God to help me with the words we would speak on Sunday. I prayed That my heart would be pure and my words would make sense! Jon and I practiced what we would say several times Saturday night and a few times on the way to the Church Sunday morning. Our kids were in tow and wily of course 🙂 A sweet couple in the church offered to sit with our kids while we spoke to the congregation. As we went to hand our kids over Naomi went without a peep and Aiden shook his head “no” violently and remained seated on the pew directly behind the couple.

Butterflies began happily dancing in my gut as a microphone was handed into my clammy palm. From that moment on God did something beautiful! Jon began answering the question to why we are adopting. He quoted his favorite man, Platt,

\First and foremost we felt that God was calling us to adopt a child. The idea came from our greatest role model- God. When you read Ephesians 1:3-10 and Galatians 4:1-7 you get this beautiful picture about our spiritual adoption from slaves to children of God. It had to do with God’s love for us. His initiative. Nothing we can do alone could ever be enough. It had to come from God, to us and for us. Feel this right now…before the sun was ever formed, before a star was ever put in the sky, before mountains were put on the land and oceans poured out between them, God almighty on high set his sights on our soul.

Adoption begins with a parents initiative…not with a child’s invitation.   Before C* was even born, before he was abandoned at the hospital by his mother in K* he had a mom and dad that were planning to adopt him.  And while he was alone in an orphanage, with no one to hold him, wipe his tears, kiss him, love him, maybe even some days feed him, he had a mom and dad working to bring him home. One day when he is placed in our arms he will have no idea all the work involved in bringing him home.   He became our son, not because he pursued us, but because we pursued him, before he was even born. 


I choked back tears as Jon poured his heart out into what he said.It’s so beautiful the way God placed conversations, small group video sessions, and discussions into our lives before we had even decided to adopt. It’s like God gave us a foreshadow of what was to come.
He wrecked our hearts for the orphans, the family’s who aren’t able to provide adequately for their children, the momma’s who can’t keep her baby because she’s not physically well.Just a year ago we were praying for C* not even knowing he was growing in his momma’s belly, but God knew this all along.We first heard about our special little boy in April, and a few weeks later we had a photo to swoon over.It’s hard to imagine that out of so much brokenness comes so much beauty. I can’t imagine the way we will feel when he is placed in our arms and he is ours and we are his-forever.
The church we spoke to collected a love offering for us 🙂 I was able to chat with a fellow adoptive momma about her journey with 3’s so nice to see a family on the other side of the process! The love offering was such a blessing as the waiting continues we encounter more fees from C* being in his foster home. We’re not sure how long this process will go on…but we’re praying for quick action from the government! While we wait we have been busy brainstorming ways to pay for the rest of the adoption (travel,foster fees). Jon and I have an Amazon associates link if you click here and shop through this link we’ll get a percentage of your purchase 🙂 Amazon Riegler Adoption

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Thank you for loving and supporting our family!

Orphan Sunday


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